Whataburger Makes Compelling Argument for Kyrie Irving to Play in Texas

Kyrie Irving recently announced his desire to quit the Cleveland Cavaliers, shocking the sports world as well as long-time friend and teammate, LeBron James.

Now, the race is on to court Irving. So far, league sources have told ESPN the successful point guard has expressed interest in playing for the San Antonio Spurs, the New York Knicks, Miami Heat and Minnesota Timberwolves.

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To help steer the decision, Whataburger recently made their pitch to Irving:

Fans of the Houston Rockets must no doubt have mixed feelings. The last thing Houston wants playing for their rivals is the man who helped direct the Cleveland Cavaliers’ offense, propelling them to the NBA championships in 2016. In addition, many are already imagining the deadly 1-2 pairing with Kawhi Leonard.

But hey, Chris Paul was giving the San Antonio Spurs “serious consideration” this summer, that is, until he was scooped up by the Rockets.

Click through above to see who Houstonians think should buy the Houston Rockets.

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